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Safe & Secure

Swift is committed to ensuring a safe and secure ordering system, via a secure gateway from our web server.


Your order is processed subject to the standard internal order and credit checks and depends on your approved method of payment.

Approved Credit/Cheque on delivery account

Orders placed by an approved credit or cheque on delivery account are passed directly into our order system and are subject to the standard internal order and credit release checks.

Payment via Credit/debit card

If your method of payment is via credit or debit card, your order is passed directly into our order system and placed on payment hold. You will then be directed to the WorldPay payment service. This payment transaction service takes place on their secure servers and no card details are captured by Swift.

Please note: If your payment fails by the worldpay service, your order is still held on payment hold within our internal system. You will need to contact either our Sales department (01782 748902) or our Credit Control department (01782 748924) to arrange payment.

Making a Payment via WorldPay

The following outlines how, when you make a payment through the WorldPay Payment Service they deal with the transaction.

How does the WorldPay Payment Service work?

Diagram show the how the WorldPay Payment Service works

1. A shopper visits an e-commerce website and selects the products/services that they would like to buy.

2. The shopper then proceeds to the merchant's checkout with their shopping basket. This generates a summary description of the purchase that is sent to WorldPay for payment processing. This submission is often referred to as the "purchase token".

3. The shopper is redirected to WorldPay's secure server where they are presented with a series of payment pages, enabling them to choose their payment method and enter their payment details.

4. WorldPay records the shopper's payment details against the details submitted in the purchase token, to produce a transaction.

5. WorldPay forwards the transaction details to the card issuer for authentication. The issuer returns an authorised or declined response to WorldPay and a payment response page is then displayed to the shopper.

6. If the transaction was successful, WorldPay will also send the shopper a confirmation email, confirming the transaction details.

About your Order

If your payment has been successful, Swift will be notified and your order will be supplied as requested, subject to stock availability.

If there are any problems with the confirmation details of your order please contact: Sales Tel: 01782 748902 or email: